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We analyse here the spatial dependence structure for the counts of certain type of claims occurring in household insurance in Hungary. We build up a Bayesian hierarchical model for the Gaussian Markov random field driven nonhomogeneous spatial Poisson process of claims counts. Model estimation is carried out by the MCMC technique, by applying sparse…


PERS Voluntary Savings Plan

What Does Term Life Insurance Mean?

Actually what does term insurance mean? Before you purchase a term life insurance policy it is very important that you understand what it is. The Health Care Savings Plan is a public employer-sponsored programadministered by the Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) thatallows employees to save pre-tax money to pay…


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Dental expenses do not come cheap. Even a minor cleaning or filling procedure costs you several hundred dollars. In the absence of a good dental insurance plan, paying for these expenses becomes very difficult. As a result, many people shy away from seeking dental treatments and…


Is Interest On Saving Bonds Taxable By State?

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Many crucial decisions are made during the movie-making process regarding which scenes should be omitted or included. Normally the scene which the director likes best will make the cut. This decision becomes much more important when the movie is supposed to be historical. Many directors must sacrifice historical realism in order…


Finance Jobs Guide From Careers

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Your money is the lifeline of your house. The standard of living which we have is considering you are able to afford it. Your cash basically, is the heartbeat of the lifestyle. To continue living the same life-style and to reach high specifications, personal finance budgeting is pretty imperative. Spending is…


Hospitals Are Cutting Costs, Find Out Where

Cut Costs

High bills plus unsafe care are major challenges for U.S. hospitals. Two sources of raised bills plus dangerous care are adverse events inside hospitals and tests ordered by several different physicians. After reviewing rates of these 2 occurrences in U.S. hospitals and simulating their bills, you estimated that inside 2004 alone, eliminating easily preventable…

The Most Common Ways We Waste Money (And How To Save It)

Top 6 Ways To Save Money This Month

Find the right savings vehicle(s) for you. There are many techniques to optimize a savings. Considersplitting cash between accounts which are fluid (these as a revenue market account) vs those intendedfor more long-term savings (such as certificates of deposit). Explore liquid revenue marketplace accountsonline, because these accounts can…


Managing The Finances

Money 101

The key is to develop the HABIT of managing your cash. It doesn’t matter how much income you create. In fact, we can frequently receive before others that create additional money than we, by managing the cash more effectively. If you don’t master these skills, you’re going to get inside trouble financially. You frequently…